Foetal Medicine

Foetal Medicine will help women with –

elcome to Kalawati Fetal Medicine Centre. Fetal medicine is a fast growing field that brings together the knowledge from ultrasound, genetics and high risk Obstetrics. It detects potential problems in the foetus while it is being formed. It used ultrasound and advanced MRI to look at the fetus and genetics and other tests to diagnose. It helps provide comprehensive counselling regarding prognosis and treatment options. Kalawati Hospital is an established institution for women and children with the first level III NICU and PICU in South Haryana. It now introduces its foetal medicine centre, the first and only centre in South Haryana to be recognised for all foetal medicine procedures including advanced ultrasound, amniocentesis, intrauterine blood transfusion and laser therapy. We are a FMF certified and PNDT recognised centre. We bring highly trained doctors along with the latest technology and world recognised laboratories to bring you ethical and the best care locally.

Foetal Medicine will help women with –

Problems or defects in the baby diagnosed during ongoing pregnancy

History of pregnancy loss like recurent pregnancy losses, previous full term intrauterine
demise(IUD), previous chromosomal defect.

Family history of chromosomal / genetic defects.

Previous pregnancy with problems / baby with defects

Preconception counselling.

Medical disorders with pregnancy like SLE, Diabetes, cardiac disease, hyperthyroidism,
other autoimmune disorders

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Dr. Kirti Kishore Sharma